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Libs: Merit based migration is racist, we need to flood the US w/ poor ethnics    02/21/18  (147)
PDDJ Wedding P&L Statement    02/21/18  (118)
Received a blackmail letter today. Taking Q's (Muscadine)    02/21/18  (83)
some college kids views on free speech are really scary    02/21/18  (76)
Easiest corporate job while making six figures    02/21/18  (71)
Board olds: at what point did u realize xo would become full on white nationalis    02/21/18  (66)
US did pretty terrible in WW2 europe- correct?    02/21/18  (62)
Justice Thomas rips liberal Justices, dissents in cert denial for 2d Am case    02/21/18  (62)
CNN tracks down leader of a Trump FB group and harasses her at her home    02/21/18  (59)
PDDJ's Sister Having A Sweetheart Table At Wedding. JFC Proles    02/21/18  (59)
Trump Recommends Banning Bump Stocks    02/21/18  (59)
Drunk white woman begs for BBC, get cyberbullied by the blacks for it    02/21/18  (55)
Ben Stein gapes libs on AR-15s    02/21/18  (49)
Rush Limbaugh: Grant illegals citizenship, but they can't vote for 15-25 years.    02/21/18  (48)
Going to spend the next year becoming the best CHRISTIAN I can    02/20/18  (44)
Drunk lady in Jersey screams out "N word" during Black Panther screening    02/21/18  (39)
Any other posters heavily into the OCCULT?    02/21/18  (39)
Worst mistakes in life: Marrying someone entitled, Bio PhDs    02/20/18  (39)
This is my setup: back left pocket=cellphone, back right=wallet, front left=keys    02/21/18  (37)
Guess what airport I'm in (pic)    02/21/18  (37)
Should I feel bad about taking my full 3-month paternity leave?    02/20/18  (37)
Girlfriend broke up with me lol    02/20/18  (37)
Real talk: Walmart prices >>> Amazon prices    02/21/18  (36)
Why is Hungary so unaccomplished?    02/21/18  (36)
Pelosi an elitist fool for saying most won't notice $10/check tax cut    02/21/18  (33)
So a house that costs 1.3 mill in San Jose is like 200k in Dallas or Houston?    02/21/18  (33)
Why does TMF obsessively run into every shitpit thread and defend them?    02/20/18  (33)
Russian figure skater Evgenia Medvedeva is a legit 9/10 (pics)    02/21/18  (32)
Ur grandfather grinning at d-day landing, imagining u in ur new 2018 CR-V    02/21/18  (32)
<Bane voice> "time to go pumo"    02/21/18  (32)
USA vs Czech Hockey QF - LIVE    02/21/18  (31)
Rate this pitbull attack a buffalo    02/20/18  (31)
Poasters that make over $300k per year come here    02/21/18  (31)
I know two Bio PhDs. One works at Gamestop, the other at UPS    02/20/18  (31)
Hetero Males, Can You Honestly Say 13yo Evgenia Medvedeva Is Too Young? (PIC)    02/21/18  (30)
Ended dry spell on trip to New Orleans (5 total in Feb) Taking ?s (Charles XII)    02/21/18  (30)
HYPO: The FBI wants to "talk" to you as part of a high-profile political case    02/20/18  (30)
Amazon 2nd headquarters probably to be in Arlington, VA    02/21/18  (29)
Julia: Immigration is an inalienable right of humans born anywhere    02/21/18  (28)
Please RATE my PC build    02/21/18  (26)
Big cats kill shitpitts with ease    02/21/18  (26)
RATE This Aussie Figure Skater Kailani Craine (PIC)    02/21/18  (26)
I'm so lonely    02/21/18  (25)
rate this lovely house on a 12,000 sq ft lot    02/20/18  (25)
RIP Billy Graham    02/21/18  (23)
Rate this $15M home on a 7500 sq ft lot in PALO ALTO (link    02/20/18  (23)
PrestigiousBitch is an unhinged shitlib    02/21/18  (22)
Tips On Selling A Used Wedding Dress #nutella #ironside    02/20/18  (22)
psa to the guys trolling for evgenia over alina:    02/21/18  (21)
Nate Silver: "Parkland students are well-credentialed to dictate public policy"    02/20/18  (21)