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Just booked an amazing 180 vacation    10/22/17  (109)
LibArmy launching an offensive against Chief of Staff Kelly    10/22/17  (108)
atheists: why is murder categorically wrong    10/22/17  (92)
How you ever gotten bored of sex with a 7+/10 GF?    10/22/17  (81)
What are the top 3 countries to visit in Europe?    10/22/17  (77)
Nyc is the only place to live in the states    10/22/17  (76)
cactp    10/21/17  (72)
got 2 blowjobs from a 43 y.o. last night    10/22/17  (70)
Most overrated city in Europe. Has to be Venice right?    10/22/17  (60)
If Republican whites move to secede from U.S....will you move to that country?    10/22/17  (55)
Really fucking sucks there's no local pub culture in US    10/22/17  (50)
If you own or have owned birds 100% chance you're an INCEL weirdo    10/21/17  (47)
Previously undisclosed Bill O'Reilly settlement: $32 mil for 1 shrew. WTF?    10/22/17  (46)
Andrew Sullivan warns: Dems are being retarded on immigration; will lose again:    10/22/17  (42)
Charles could actually clean up in DC if he got in shape and got new clothes    10/21/17  (41)
*** Yanks vs Astros game 7 ***    10/22/17  (35)
car got broken into today while i was in the gym    10/21/17  (35)
Rate this 29 year old law shrew barely fitting into her pantsuit (pic)    10/22/17  (34)
East Germany is probably only example of a state where socialism worked    10/22/17  (34)
Average IQ of someone who graduates from OSU?    10/22/17  (34)
Charles XII, how did the date with the intern go?    10/21/17  (33)
I literally weigh 150kg. I need to shed at least 50, probably 60-65kg    10/22/17  (31)
The thought of me connecting w/ another human being is just LOL (DTP)    10/22/17  (31)
Sandra Bullock is aging exceptionally well for white women    10/22/17  (31)
Lost 6.5 lbs. Results here    10/22/17  (30)
Lol @ how sensitive fat Americans are these days (story ITT)    10/22/17  (30)
On a Megabus right now. Black dude in front of me just told this girl he's a Tru    10/22/17  (29)
Saturday nigtht    10/22/17  (29)
CharlesXII you should go to mass in downtown DC - lots of wholesome single girls    10/21/17  (29)
How's it going Saturday night bros?    10/21/17  (28)
Any POASTERS going to COLUMBUS for Bucks v. Pedos?    10/22/17  (27)
The couple met on autoadmit, an unhinged website for former law students    10/22/17  (27)
Is there any ethnic food more fraudulent than TTT Pho?    10/22/17  (27)
Havng roommates is so unnatural and such a modern capitalism thing    10/22/17  (26)
LOL'ing hard at peterman's meltdown tonight    10/22/17  (26)
Recommend some good solo board games ITT    10/22/17  (26)
Rude to ask wife for anal on HER birthday?    10/22/17  (26)
At party with sub-6 shrews. Each thought they would marry a "millionaire"    10/22/17  (25)
Penn state-ohio state predictions next week?    10/22/17  (25)
Just threw away 2 large Dominos pizzas. How do people eat this shit    10/21/17  (25)
Reminder Trumpmos: you're a minority in America. Don't ever forget it.    10/22/17  (24)
scuba divers, get ITT    10/22/17  (24)
anyone still have a printer?    10/22/17  (24)
Why do shittpitt owners try to convince others their dogs are nice?    10/21/17  (24)
If you have no kids, can you spend money on a 6K Omega Watch    10/22/17  (24)
Is there such thing as BAD pizza?    10/22/17  (23)
Any non-racist argument for why we can't have scandi style socialism in the US?    10/22/17  (22)
Eventually, people will tire of Trump like Sarah Palin    10/22/17  (22)
WTF look at the titles of the last 5 Berenstain Bears Books    10/22/17  (22)
soft hearted pussy FUCKED UP by current state of country, humanity etc itt    10/22/17  (22)