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rate this doggo's devotion and joy    01/19/18  (10)
List of countries by age at first marriage    01/19/18  (3)
Lol, the top 1% of California tax filers pay 48% of state income taxes:    01/19/18  (6)
Cheap sex has ruined our culture    01/19/18  (88)
can't believe how much Dutch is still spoken on streets of NYC    01/19/18  (1)
Formal call for GLOBAL ISIS ISLAM NOW    01/19/18  (2)
Mom on PDDJ: "So She Came Into This Marriage With ZERO Points & ZERO Miles?"    01/19/18  (11)
Top ideas outside of the overton window    01/19/18  (143)
FISA corruption: reptile fan fiction. Trump Russia Collusion = actually happen    01/19/18  (9)
Hypo: You can get any car $150k or less    01/19/18  (18)
...and libs have already capitulated.    01/19/18  (2)
Daughter just asked me why Democrats only care about Mexicans    01/19/18  (12)
there will always be an Italy. (it just won't have many Italians.)    01/19/18  (2)
xo height flame aside, women aren't that shallow. they care more abt personality    01/19/18  (66)
FUCK I have the JEW    01/19/18  (3)
FUCK I have the FLU    01/19/18  (5)
@realDonaldTrump: I'm shutting it down, folks. Enjoy!    01/19/18  (1)
fat midwest proles: "please please don't shut down the swamp! just drain it"    01/19/18  (2)
Rate this cute white girl from orange county who killed a mexican    01/19/18  (22)
I want to float down a black hole and get squashed together w my robot buddy    01/19/18  (3)
Men's Health Magazine has a column written by a porn star telling men to eat ass    01/19/18  (16)
Is Thailand worth visiting if I am NOT a sex tourist or into drugs or partying    01/19/18  (46)
Bachelor party this weekend. How should I balance booze, coke, speed & molly?    01/19/18  (37)
Republicans spend year vilifying DC swamp, now infuriated over gov. shutdown    01/19/18  (1)
Sotomayor Health Scare!    01/19/18  (22)
NYU Dental School: Now only $504,166 before interest!    01/19/18  (3)
Bought some shit off of Urbanbaby SPAM    01/19/18  (4)
"gotcha, it's been a bad month for me too. hurry up spring! haha"    01/19/18  (5)
just jizzed on printout of earl's firm bio, taking qs    01/19/18  (11)
Kanye and Kim reveal baby name: Chicago Illinois West    01/19/18  (7)
XO *gets* height's importance but doesn't understand how much it dominates the    01/19/18  (25)
How badly will the government shutdown PWN the GOP?    01/19/18  (9)
Just tweeted Obama re: meme, "where are we on that? Thank"    01/19/18  (1)
Just woke up why is #ReleaseTheMemo trending    01/19/18  (94)
predict the price of ETH at 12pm noon 1/25. closest guess gets 1000 NIGR    01/19/18  (45)
Stephen Miller single handedly making mess less antisemitic    01/19/18  (17)
so "ASMR" is just young women commodifying feminine nurturance behavior?    01/19/18  (25)
thin norweigian women flooding into US- shrews: "actually we're anti immigration    01/19/18  (56)
white daughter, sobbing, asked 'don't democrats care about MY dreams?'    01/19/18  (3)
CharlesXII outed again at the "Gold's Gym" between Farragut/Dupont in DC (video)    01/19/18  (1)
ok so no tues or weds. How about Friday? its nbd if u dont want to lol haha    01/19/18  (3)
Is Disney World CR    01/19/18  (4)
What would you consider "manly" music?    01/19/18  (47)
Alt-Right/Consuele BTFO in one EPIC tweet    01/19/18  (2)
rate this SF fixer-upper    01/19/18  (3)
RATE this epic "haha" text I got after my first date with a college sophomore    01/19/18  (59)
Twitter doing its best to blame Russia for #ReleaseTheMemo trend (link)    01/19/18  (4)
thoughts on new comedy central show: CORPORATE?    01/19/18  (1)
Joanna Gaines? I'd to "fix her up" if you know what I mean    01/19/18  (1)
Starving polar bears attack, sink Russian nuclear icebreaker (link)    01/19/18  (1)
Height Based Sexual Consent    01/19/18  (8)
Can someone explain what makes daytrading difficult?    01/19/18  (54)
Dating app Hinge article on "Kittenfishing" most examples are about male height    01/19/18  (18)
Facebook introduces POLITICAL VIRTUAL REALITY.    01/19/18  (2)
Obama spying on political enemies, Hillary killing people. JFC libs    01/19/18  (27)
What part of "SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED" do libs not understand?    01/19/18  (5)
Short-threading got me sad. Should I just settle with my GF    01/19/18  (1)
When is this memo thing actually going to drop?    01/19/18  (3)
World needs more female power bottoms and less cold fish    01/19/18  (1)
Name the most random body of water you can think of it's for a project (bel)    01/19/18  (7)
JCM cock size scholarship + 29 height scholarship = apex toxicity    01/19/18  (11)
#mybordersmychoice    01/19/18  (1)
WHAT is your favorite apple flavor?    01/19/18  (15)
There is only ONE measure of success in life: height    01/19/18  (22)
i have to say, i love penis    01/19/18  (1)
"No good. Diabetes."    01/19/18  (1)
Shocking bulletin: Sexual market only rewards looks/height/chad, yet you are    01/19/18  (15)
what % of historical anti-semitism comes from below-average Jewish male height?    01/19/18  (3)
RATE This Indian Chick 13th Year Associate At Debevoise (PIC)    01/19/18  (43)
Went to that 2yos birthday party. Was amazed by Hatchables.    01/19/18  (1)
Have a friend who makes like $65k/yr with GF who makes $120k/yr    01/19/18  (19)
Sigh...even gold diggers are disgusted with my height    01/19/18  (5)
End of an era: switching from Spotify to Apple music's family plan    01/19/18  (5)
Went to that 2yos birthday party. Was amazed by Hatchables.    01/19/18  (1)
First black president, first president to go to jail    01/19/18  (11)
Why do Jewish women fuck tons of black guys, but then settle for a bugman Jew?    01/19/18  (13)
Border Wall Models Thwart US Commandos In Tests    01/19/18  (1)
Lib Media response to memo: this is the work of Russian propaganda    01/19/18  (1)
even Obama can't avoid the prison pipeline    01/19/18  (1)
Where Will Bitcoin Close The Year? Online Bookies Have The Answer    01/19/18  (1)
We may be a fractured society but as least were not conformist oppressors like    01/19/18  (1)
Tom Cotton defecates in Lindsey Graham's mouth.    01/19/18  (6)
Media: You're a Kid until 25!!!    01/19/18  (16)
One Tether worth more than one dollar    01/19/18  (4)
I gave a random guy on an airplane a blowjob. Without knowing his name.    01/19/18  (8)
Rate Joe Bidens stunning Blonde niece (XO Daily Mail)    01/19/18  (10)
Elderly AZN couple tortured to death and robbed by released felon near Houston:    01/19/18  (29)
Isn't NYC such a wonderful place    01/19/18  (1)
Why Are Social Security Cards So Primitive & Cheap Looking?    01/19/18  (10)
fuckchain technology    01/19/18  (1)
DBG's plan for next time PDDJ is on her period...    01/19/18  (4)
Making a "YES MEANS YES" sign for the women's march tomorrow    01/19/18  (7)
If I proposed to my girlfriend like this, I don't think I'd get this reaction    01/19/18  (3)
Social security cards, IDs, birth certificates etc. need to be on blockchain    01/19/18  (5)
CharlesXII outed on reddit (pictures included)    01/19/18  (31)
Farting so loud libs fuck themselves.    01/19/18  (2)
Millennial females are hopped up on addy now too. Its not just the males.    01/19/18  (6)
rate this FPS video game about CharlesXII on PS4, Vita, and now Steam    01/19/18  (1)
RSF meet me at the Chevys in Time Square you fat faggot    01/19/18  (33)
US Olympian Mckayla Maroney's Deposition Containing Graphic Allegations Leaked    01/19/18  (3)
My Anecdotal Experience with Dating    01/19/18  (3)
New PAC called: "I am going to assassinate Donald Trump" NOT FLAME LINK    01/19/18  (13)
So Google doesn't just show search results? It actively cultivates a narrative ?    01/19/18  (2)
Protip: Google obama high black unemployment    01/19/18  (46)
Its hilarious that RSF thinks only one or two people hate him    01/19/18  (8)
Remeber when Obama stoked racial animosity and did nothing for black jobs?    01/19/18  (3)
Lawyers fucking suck    01/19/18  (1)
there's actually an anime series about CharlesXII    01/19/18  (1)
Defendant objects to this Interrogatory for the reason that it is overboard.    01/19/18  (1)
Every woman I met who said the words "independent woman" to me are still single    01/19/18  (4)
McKayla describes her sexual abuse in victim impact statement    01/19/18  (56)
Jennifer Gates (Bill Gates Daughter) is fucking a Nowig (XO Daily Mail)    01/19/18  (17)
Steven Pinker to kickbox Jordan Peterson    01/19/18  (7)
Last photo of a HUGE COCK for the week...    01/19/18  (5)
What is your favorite album?    01/19/18  (27)
u: getting dumped by DC 3's. charlesXII: fending off DC 7's    01/19/18  (1)
Politico: Mulvaney requests no funding for Consumer Financial Protection Bureau    01/19/18  (1)
Late-stage Romans downloading tinder.. "Haha wow holy shit"    01/19/18  (1)
Larry Nassar sticking his lubed thumb up McKaylas pink hairless asshole    01/19/18  (3)
going "all in" on Jordan Peterson    01/19/18  (2)
CharlesXII outed as a NOWAG lmao (screenshots)    01/19/18  (9)
The FISA memo is just 4 pages by Nunes that leaves out the details    01/19/18  (1)
Vox milks Aziz Ansari AGAIN.    01/19/18  (9)
I am coming out and saying it: I am a white nationalist jew. I am proud.    01/19/18  (52)
LOL trolld libs hard on fbook re the FISA memo    01/19/18  (3)
expectations vs. reality: a woman trying to introduce herself to CharlesXII    01/19/18  (1)
Holy shit. I can feel it happening. Gonna be extremely mentally ill this weekend    01/19/18  (13)
charles reminds me of jesse plemons in black mirror episode uss callister    01/19/18  (1)
Should I become an oral surgeon?    01/19/18  (15)
SoCal resident here, the rest of the country needs to cut us off    01/19/18  (3)
Rate this devout orthodox Russian celebrating Epiphany (vid)    01/19/18  (18)
Newsweek (1/1/18): Hillary could still become POTUS if Trump/Russia colluded (li    01/19/18  (8)
Anyone want to play Bball. I'll be in MFH next week.    01/19/18  (1)
Is Kermit an OK name for a boy or too pretentious?    01/19/18  (10)
I know a 33 YO engineer with a networth of 300K thinking about going back to med    01/19/18  (34)
*Schumer enters oval office* *sees Stephen Miller in big boy chair* *shits self*    01/19/18  (7)
Remember Peak Oil?    01/19/18  (4)
HQties - the game starts in 1:55    01/19/18  (4)
Las Vegas Police: Mass shooting? What mass shooting?    01/19/18  (4)
U.S. median household income by ancestry & ethnicity    01/19/18  (37)
the cure - killing a wetback.mp3    01/19/18  (1)
How long til somone blows up TSINAH's political career like a firecracker in a t    01/19/18  (37)
MDH tell me right now you never smoked crack.    01/19/18  (8)
This is a map of every US state's top trade partner    01/19/18  (5)
CFP Committee: Good teams lose to Auburn sometimes. Scott Frost:*leans into mic*    01/19/18  (6)
Rate this University of Alabama Sorority Chicks Racist Rant    01/19/18  (28)
julian lennon - much too late for jew lies.mp3    01/19/18  (1)
My wife's pregnant and she and her lover keep talking about having an UrbanBaby,    01/19/18  (1)
DBG how hard does it make ur schmeckl to hear abt Arab Dr molesting Aly Raisman?    01/19/18  (1)
Reminder: The United States is an energy superpower    01/19/18  (6)

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