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Weighted Pullups@ 45x10 (NYUUG)! COME AT ME, XOXO WORKOUT CREW!    12/11/17  (149)
Chick I just fucked had "The cake is a lie" tattooed on her lower back (sharklas    12/11/17  (1)
less appreciated part of libs implosion is they have no hopeful message of futur    12/11/17  (17)
Chick said she was "thinking about me" yesterday (evan39)    12/11/17  (67)
somebody explain the appeal of audiobooks to me    12/11/17  (32)
Chinese daredevil unwittingly films fall from skyscraper while doing pull-ups    12/11/17  (42)
Trump's #MeToo moment is coming today (link)    12/11/17  (54)
Any CA Accident Injury lawyers want a case?    12/11/17  (15)
Dems are going to lose all white men    12/11/17  (35)
Fucked a 19yr old BRAZILIAN coed with a HUGE ASS on Sat. Taking ?s ITT. WGWAG!    12/11/17  (63)
15 year old girl sits on mall Santa's lap, freaks out when he gets boner (video)    12/11/17  (12)
The Giancarlo trade was TTT in the long run for the Yankees    12/11/17  (8)
women at 25: stop sexually harassing me! women at 45: why don't men want me!?    12/11/17  (1)
*holdups 12 menacing alts surrounding you in meet up hotel room, on coke*    12/11/17  (12)
programming self-study bros...whats the best learning plan?    12/11/17  (5)
BREAKING: Suicide bomber fails his mission. Instead of 72 virgins in heaven,gets    12/11/17  (8)
Do any HONEST Trumpcucks want to admit the Deutsche Bank thing scares them?    12/11/17  (61)
Got a new jacket. But it's Michael Kors. Fuck.    12/11/17  (5)
Thoughts on this NORWANUS? (pic)    12/11/17  (35)
US halts PAYE loan forgiveness, including retroactive    12/11/17  (7)
TINYCHAT TONIGHT    12/11/17  (4)
XO poasters: Fuck dem programs. PAYE is totally great though!    12/11/17  (2)
about to start posting. just want to say that you're not allowed to be mean 2 me    12/11/17  (3)
Very depressed because I'm so fucking bored    12/11/17  (51)
American Kite Association under fire for "Kite power" slogan and imagery (link)    12/11/17  (3)
finally withdrew my green card petition for soon-to-be ex-wife    12/11/17  (9)
Trump sucked the wind out if the "militia" movent    12/11/17  (2)
Theory: as Americans darken, women are becoming less attracted to white men    12/11/17  (4)
The Absent Nature of the Women's March    12/11/17  (82)
Boston Globe study on racism in Boston    12/11/17  (31)
DESCRIBE Boom's spree killing incident when Scott Frost picks UF.    12/11/17  (5)
Turdskin bro: "I would take a deal from any of the sharks except Mr. Wonderful"    12/11/17  (1)
Azn man desparately needs to do a pull-up. Cannot.    12/11/17  (3)
got sad 2day thinking of all Bill's sex assault victims Hillary bullied&silenced    12/11/17  (4)
kite plane must hit steel    12/11/17  (1)
who will Nebraska panic-hire when Scott Frost goes elsewhere    12/11/17  (4)
Always lol when a poaster is all like "yeah sorry I was too busy playing sports"    12/11/17  (1)
rate this LAWLESS CUCK alternate juror defending the Kate Steinle verdict    12/11/17  (8)
giving back my switch    12/11/17  (1)
Media and Academic Reform Now, Mr. President    12/11/17  (2)
Saw an apex chad today    12/11/17  (10)
god damn everything fucking sucks    12/11/17  (6)
need to master Xamarin by tomorrow    12/11/17  (1)
Trump sitting on a tape that will blow away all sexual assault allegations (link    12/11/17  (2)
Trump Supporters Still Snatching Hijabs (link)    12/11/17  (1)
Girl I fucked last night pinched my nipples while I plowed. Felt good.    12/11/17  (10)
Serious Q: How do you know if someone is a nigger    12/11/17  (1)
Mooch: Ryan Lizza destroyed 50 years of family friendship and Italian tradition    12/11/17  (28)
All this lib insanity will backfire    12/11/17  (1)
Vermont cheddar is WAY better than Wisconsin cheddar    12/11/17  (16)
"So there's this chain, right? And it's, like, made up of blocks."    12/11/17  (19)
For 5 dollars a minute you can chat w Coach Corey wayne on his hotline    12/11/17  (2)
I am a salesman TEDCRUZtp    12/11/17  (10)
Serious Q: How do you know if someone is a swinger    12/11/17  (32)
What broke libs in America and caused them to become unhinged?    12/11/17  (25)
female POTUS achieving ultimate body-betrayal orgasm as ICBMs vaporize America    12/11/17  (3)
Nothing more humbling as an Ivy League grad than applying for a Government job    12/11/17  (2)
Can lazy bros make it like CALISHITLAWGURU?    12/11/17  (65)
I'm really tired of libs    12/11/17  (2)
lets women control country. promptly invaded by country where women = livestock    12/11/17  (1)
The New Yorker shitcans RYAN LIZZA for sexual harassment    12/11/17  (28)
U.S. Stocks Havent Been This Overbought in 22 Years    12/11/17  (36)
america walks that fine line. lets dorks get some pussy, but sexually frustrates    12/11/17  (2)
when I'm bored I love watching youtube footage of hellish inner cities    12/11/17  (23)
Recommend sports jacket    12/11/17  (1)
NYC meetup? Rent a venue? Any interest?    12/11/17  (62)
I'm surprised libs haven't gone after GORDON RAMSEY and SIMON COWELL yet    12/11/17  (1)
How much time and money has been pissed away on the Russia "investigation"    12/11/17  (1)
How will XO react when Jones wins tomorrow?    12/11/17  (3)
rating poasters as famous African American inventors    12/11/17  (79)
Ukraine to extradite Sakashvilli to Russia    12/11/17  (3)
real talk: did a "mr. jinx" ever actually exist at some point on this bort    12/11/17  (15)
CNN quietly backtracks another Trump/Russia story (link)    12/11/17  (7)
at some point it was just sheriff whokebe, me, and 184cm of wire    12/11/17  (4)
Corey Wayne will unfuck your head wrt women and relationships    12/11/17  (2)
i made 3097 commits to the api repo 1127 to UI repo in 20 months    12/11/17  (3)
Jim Harbaugh just landed the #1 pro-style QB in the country    12/11/17  (14)
My NAME is *Keeeeeersten*!!    12/11/17  (4)
fact that chandler didn't go to CSLG's holiday party says a lot    12/11/17  (22)
nigger    12/11/17  (4)
2017 XO YEAR IN REVIEW - BEST THREADS    12/11/17  (90)
"Gunna wait for the dip" *tries to guess when rocket stalls on way to the MOON*    12/11/17  (2)
"Eh" *BUMP* *BUMP* *BUMP* "heh, I guess that is funny" *bump*    12/11/17  (3)
Fighter pilots (e.g. in real life and "Top Gun") are the pinnacle of Real Americ    12/11/17  (13)
I am shocked and appalled by the lack of manners on XO, to be quite frank    12/11/17  (3)
if you want to date teens, having full head of hair is top priority    12/11/17  (6)
What if the Roy Moore accuser had a tight little body and tits like this (pics)    12/11/17  (5)
Diaper full of piss, jizz. Heart full of regret    12/11/17  (2)
Any read Cilizza's admission in WaPo today that Hillary would rather face Cruz?    12/11/17  (6)
J. Lo ft. Ja Rule "I'm Real (Murder Remix)", on repeat for eternity in Hell    12/11/17  (2)
Who makes better public servants in office: lawyers, businessmen?    12/11/17  (12)
Interesting hypo from bible study class: Should concrete foundation go below    12/11/17  (1)
Lib here: what are a cock and balls?    12/11/17  (1)
Holy shit ETH    12/11/17  (10)
so did Trump's #MeToo moment go as planned?    12/11/17  (1)
Alt-lite thot Lauren southern visits women's march in britain    12/11/17  (8)
Haha. Can't believe this moniker was available!    12/11/17  (1)
Lib here: I'd chop off my own cock and balls    12/11/17  (4)
Lib here: I chopped off my own cock and balls    12/11/17  (1)
Is this an appropriate outfit for a teen girl to wear to school in 2017? (Pic)    12/11/17  (23)
Lib here: I'd chop off my own cock and balls before supporting Moore or trump.    12/11/17  (13)
It's 2017. Do you know where your penussy is?    12/11/17  (4)
At least with McCarthyism u attended meetings and shit, here a hysterical/motiva    12/11/17  (6)
Stand and be counted ITT if you stand with XO PRINCIPLED NATIONALIST ROY MOORE    12/11/17  (79)
Is it too late 2 star a successful YouTube channel    12/11/17  (1)
rachmiel, pls enable BAT payments for XO on BRAVE    12/11/17  (6)
Anyone notice young thots are much bitchier since the advent of tindr/instagram    12/11/17  (1)
Breaking News: Sen. Gillibrand Calls on Trumo to Resign!    12/11/17  (42)
is there anything in pop culture from last 10 years that will be remembered?    12/11/17  (4)
"giancarlo" stanton is not nearly as ridiculous as "vladimir" guerrero    12/11/17  (1)
People who stuff about Senate /senate employment: who works in district offices?    12/11/17  (1)
Another synagogue in Sweden firebombed. Libs and arereptiple explain    12/11/17  (4)
If Im not reading xo Im reading some other trashy message board    12/11/17  (1)
No matter what happens, they will blame the Jews    12/11/17  (1)
Media Close 2017 Proving Trump 100 Percent Correct About Fake News    12/11/17  (9)
Bump this thread if you still support Roy Moore    12/11/17  (35)
Wentz out for the season    12/11/17  (1)
who is this BRUNETTE DIMEPIECE ON MNF RIGHT NOW    12/11/17  (2)
lawyers, come ITT and admit that your profession, 'the law', is a fucking joke    12/11/17  (1)
Jinx elated to find that it is not, in fact, a huge turd, but another assbaby.    12/11/17  (22)
BUMP when Doug Jones wins tomorrow    12/11/17  (1)
TREATY OF BREEZEWOOD - XO lot lizards divide territory    12/11/17  (100)
The same thing that makes a man grope/harass makes him create and DO    12/11/17  (3)
"she told the same lie to three people... so her story checks out"    12/11/17  (12)
Why doesn't lomachenko fight bud crawford    12/11/17  (56)
Attorney, solo, "super famous" on XO: who the fuck    12/11/17  (2)
Reminder to WLMAS: Mueller DID NOT SUBPOENA TRUMPs financials from D-Bank    12/11/17  (6)
lmao so libs realized they can't impeach Trump, so they're asking him to resign    12/11/17  (1)
Eminem's sad decay into a politically-correct, line-toeing SJW    12/11/17  (17)
VERY damaging info re: Roy Moore to drop tomorrow    12/11/17  (87)
Unreal that AL Senate is close    12/11/17  (7)
Kristen Gillibrand reading werewolf rape literotica on campaign bus in 2020    12/11/17  (5)
the south is pretty cucked. they elect turds like Jindal, Haley    12/11/17  (3)
CNN ANALYSIS: Donald Trump's #metoo moment is here    12/11/17  (1)
Wife discovered how to use tools and then black monolith appeared (EPAH)    12/11/17  (10)
Does this cute Texas HS cheerleader defy gravity? (Link)    12/11/17  (17)
Hipster Ohio chick has a blog about growing corn and living in a spherical green    12/11/17  (2)
Thought I might have to pull my CONCEALED 9MM on a HOMELESS man today    12/11/17  (21)
Hilary Rosen visited White House 35 times.    12/11/17  (5)
i always remember hope hicks as being hotter than she really is    12/11/17  (1)
no longer a nation of laws,we are a Nation of Consistent and Credible Narratives    12/11/17  (1)
Just ordered a t-shit w a pic of Corey wayne holding an ak-47 on the front    12/11/17  (5)
Breaking: Bob Creamer resigns from Democracy Partners    12/11/17  (34)
Piers Morgan reflects on the many, many ways Trump has been DEE-FUCKING-LIVERING    12/11/17  (2)
What protects illegals from violence by are citizens? What is in the law works    12/11/17  (2)
Wife of demoted DOJ atty worked for firm behind Trump Dossier (link)    12/11/17  (6)
holy fuck, this Alabama focus group about Roy Moore is so 180000    12/11/17  (88)
Friend got a PhD in business. Now insists we all call him "Dr. Business"    12/11/17  (6)
Ryan "Robespierre" Lizza at the guillotines: "No, wait this is a mistake!"    12/11/17  (1)

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