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STICKY: New account requests   09/19/18  (220)
tsinah, remember how you couldn't respond because i gaped you?    09/23/18  (10)
Started growing warts on ass and dick. Currently in a vinegar bath    09/23/18  (1)
hey fags, want to learn coding the right way?    09/23/18  (39)
new Luna Dunham pics - LOL at American men (DTP)    09/23/18  (20)
Minnesota town re-elects dog as its mayor    09/23/18  (4)
Fully nude Halford Parkour-chasing your son thru Rio favela    09/23/18  (49)
Have any of you seen those dystopian "A Place for Mom" commercials?    09/23/18  (5)
wtf. alzheimers chasers forum. jfc.    09/23/18  (13)
So Mel Gibson can read women's minds, goes on to sell them GC crap?    09/23/18  (3)
I am out of the office sleeping under an inverted couch wearing vampire teeth    09/23/18  (12)
"HoldUp" is a literal paid Russian troll. Why assign a guy to low-trafficked xo?    09/23/18  (27)
what xo posts do you have stuck in your brain?    09/23/18  (13)
Do you even know if dying is good.for you or not?    09/23/18  (3)
XO super oldtimers: what is the deal with jinx and his daughter?    09/23/18  (3)
When fake news kills: Lynchings in Mexico are linked to viral child-kidnap rumor    09/23/18  (3)
Ever being alive is the worst torture ever    09/23/18  (7)
The next best business idea: A rehab center for Internet addicts    09/23/18  (6)
why would a "man" ever weigh less than 200 pounds?    09/23/18  (21)
Rate this Mexican actress (Karla Souza) playing a lawyer in HTGAWM    09/23/18  (6)
this is all wrong, i was meant to be idle rich    09/23/18  (7)
Gay in the 90s    09/23/18  (3)
Anyone here a Schizoid personality? Or loner-ish INTJ?    09/23/18  (9)
skiing or snowboarding    09/23/18  (13)
This has the makings of an epic blowout for liberals    09/23/18  (23)
Simon (the Pakistani character in HTGAWM) depicts the IRL watchmen 100% (vid)    09/23/18  (7)
INCEL here taking questions    09/23/18  (8)
NYT: The Plot to Subvert an Election    09/23/18  (5)
It's 2PM in America. Whok's fast asleep (4am) in Australia    09/23/18  (4)
btw i'm gay and autistic    09/23/18  (2)
schizoid |low grit | anhedonia    09/23/18  (18)
VOLCEL here taking questions    09/23/18  (1)
US women now come in 5 races, 20 genders, and 50 body sizes (DTP)    09/23/18  (5)
Noodlewhore pays for Chad's Hawaiian vacation (DTP)    09/23/18  (17)
Just had sex with a man, regret it and feel disgusted w/ myself    09/23/18  (303)
Her life vs. Your life (incel edition) (DTP)    09/23/18  (5)
"DTP is a fking loser for moaning about 30. Btw my life fell apart at 35" -xo po    09/23/18  (8)
bill goldberg, dice, jon bernthal, scot mendelson    09/23/18  (2)
The thought of the girl you like texting/fucking/begging other men (DTP)    09/23/18  (5)
Exeunt, 21 y/o fob asian girl invited me to Chicago. Should I go? (DTP)    09/23/18  (6)
my daily routine: log onto autoadmit. type DTP into search bar.    09/23/18  (1)
Realized I'm a sex addict in the body of a virgin and incel (DTP)    09/23/18  (7)
Rikishi vs Chris Benoit (WWF Intercontinental Championship Match)    09/23/18  (4)
Porcelain skin blonde azn hunnies = the ultimate trophy girlfriend?    09/23/18  (4)
Covfefe Toadstool    09/23/18  (2)
Boxing bros: where to watch Joshua vs Povetkin?    09/23/18  (8)
Who reminds you of Obeezy more: Chris Hayes or Peter Strzok?    09/23/18  (6)
ITT, toxic posts for CharlesXII's future wife    09/23/18  (2)
Obama is Proof Niggers aren't fit to be POTUS    09/23/18  (3)
Is "pussy" really worth all the trouble?    09/23/18  (6)
Your old. Earl is now 56 years old.    09/23/18  (5)
Really-Existing Reality    09/23/18  (1)
Saint George Groves vs Callum Smith will be 180    09/23/18  (5)
Mike Trout only has 77 RBI? MLB is shit.    09/23/18  (30)
*autistic gf, indicating she wants you to hug her again before you leave*    09/23/18  (3)
is herman zhu around?    09/23/18  (3)
My fat friend went to gym for first time. Repped 225 12x on his first bench ever    09/23/18  (7)
really sick of this world    09/23/18  (5)
shrew gf: Racism, Let's bash this TTT; 2ndcuz: Make it hurt where I pee    09/23/18  (12)
Bible Study Hypo: Which Of The Seven Noahide Laws Is Most Helpful?    09/23/18  (5)
Daily reminder that you missed out on teenage love (pic) (DTP)    09/23/18  (16)
"I cant, my 30 yr mortgage" shrieked the GC buttslut    09/23/18  (11)
Mr. Jinx completely loses his shit (news article):    09/23/18  (2)
Third witness and lifelong friend of Blasey Ford CONFIRMS her allegations    09/23/18  (15)
Are libs throwing in the towel on this obvious fraud accusation yet    09/23/18  (3)
lol @ Dirty Harry blowing away niggers, liberals    09/23/18  (18)
lmao @ paying "rent" putting tent up in woods almost any where is free    09/23/18  (2)
Shrew gf: two in the stink, one in the stink; autistic gf: I cant get clean :(    09/23/18  (1)
beat up ford rolls into howard johnson parking lot. door opens garbage spills ev    09/23/18  (1)
Shrew gf: IBS rumbling; autistic gf: box like atomic clock    09/23/18  (1)
Mark Judge accused of sexual assault    09/23/18  (2)
i can clean and press 245, doubt any of you fags can come close    09/23/18  (7)
AZNgirl snowboarder born in 2000 wins X-Games gold    09/23/18  (6)
Anyone else love watching snowboarding movies?    09/23/18  (3)
Bought myself a new snowboard for Christmas    09/23/18  (6)
XOXO Deal Finder: Good deal on a full outfit for skiing / snowboarding    09/23/18  (5)
"Female autist here!" *checks horoscope*    09/23/18  (5)
Linux developers threaten to pull "kill switch"    09/23/18  (42)
shrew gf: Brunch!; autistic gf: I have the same thing for lunch everyday.    09/23/18  (19)
evan39 a prole family member spent $700 on one of those pop up ads for antivirus    09/23/18  (14)
FREE MONEY: Tennessee (+4) at home at night vs Florida this Saturday    09/23/18  (10)
Been effectively using "satiation therapy" to cure bad habits, ate buffalo wings    09/23/18  (3)
most prestigious pony play accessory boutique ?    09/23/18  (1)
shrew gf: omg, you sound like a great couple!; autistic gf: what's his name, LOL    09/23/18  (3)
shrew gf: take me places!; autistic gf: between us, don't leave spaces    09/23/18  (19)
shrew gf: counts her salary; autistic gf: counts calories    09/23/18  (15)
Psychotic woman writes truly deranged Kavanugh article in the NYT:    09/23/18  (2)
Worth getting SPH from this Blacked.com star?    09/23/18  (5)
Angela Duckworth, Azn Author of "GRIT", Featured In COSTCO Connections    09/23/18  (5)
sunday thread for schizoids    09/23/18  (6)
once you go schizoid you never get fixed    09/23/18  (7)
..women incapable of empathy. btw anyone else test schizoid? (xo    09/23/18  (30)
lol @ how the serena story vanished after M/F penalty frequency stats came out    09/23/18  (1)
any skinny-fat schizoid underachievers around?    09/23/18  (8)
Debate Trump depression suicide studio apartment friends computer glow schizoid    09/23/18  (8)
I am officially announcing my campaign for President of this daycare    09/23/18  (2)
The Dangerous Transphobia of Roald Dahl's "Matilda" (Salon)    09/23/18  (21)
redpill me on suffocating schizoid anhedonia    09/23/18  (52)
Returning a lost object to a Gentile: A study in schizoid Jewish theology    09/23/18  (9)
mentally illness    09/23/18  (1)
Dateline Investigation: and he had a double life on a racist law board    09/23/18  (3)
ZOZO VR will let you experience poasting as any MPM winner    09/23/18  (3)
What's a good second car to the HOnda Credited response vehicle    09/23/18  (9)
Fellow schizoids come ITT    09/23/18  (51)
Genderqueer Siberian Orchestra    09/23/18  (1)
The official correct pronunciation of Tsinah ITT    09/23/18  (8)
I have a friend who went to prom with a heisman trophy winner    09/23/18  (2)
Met a cute 7/5/10 chick tonight at a party who is dating a 5'7 asian dude    09/23/18  (13)
what is chemically occuring with introversion (energy loss, etc). why no fix?    09/23/18  (28)
Pop your "inner voice" outward. Bam! You're an extrovert.    09/23/18  (44)
Will VR ever get so real that introverts feel exhaustion interacting with it?    09/23/18  (16)
Anyone remember the lesbian waitress that purportedly faked a hate crime?    09/23/18  (3)
White women with dogs who should be raising my autistic son    09/23/18  (46)
How bad is it to have an autistic child    09/23/18  (9)
Google, fb, Twtr, Amzn about to get antitrust pwned    09/23/18  (29)
WLMAS bumping 3yo threads about samosas at 2am Saturday night. Sad.    09/23/18  (8)
Is Ford just testifying for fame? What's the point?    09/23/18  (9)
shrew gf: job in social media; autistic gf: "JEWS RUN THE MEDIA"    09/23/18  (1)
farting, pissing, shitting    09/23/18  (6)
DBG are you around    09/23/18  (1)
Now youve really done it    09/23/18  (2)
Wanting to die is rational    09/23/18  (7)
Cslg is 180 overall But giving clients unecessary injections gives me pause    09/23/18  (63)
*Chomsky LOLing in private after pretending niggers are human*    09/23/18  (3)
how do people go to the doctor?    09/23/18  (5)
How can u know a female is of quality not to give u an autist son?    09/23/18  (3)
xo is not "low trafficked" it's "law trafficked"    09/23/18  (7)
"When you arrive at ZOZO, start a feud with the most autismal asthmatic poaster"    09/23/18  (12)
I look at all the lonely autists    09/23/18  (10)
"I Thought I was punching up, I SWEAR!", exclaimed the virgin autist    09/23/18  (5)
*clings to tiny comforts and mediocrity* *never really makes Scholarship*    09/23/18  (5)
Wait: so is Blasey Ford testifying or not???    09/23/18  (4)
how can we make this bort more friendly to Autism    09/23/18  (10)
A spider bit me and now Im no longer autistic.    09/23/18  (3)
At camps, a qt asked me if I wanted to get sushi. Im autistic so if she had    09/23/18  (13)
Why do Americans take fitness and working out so seriously    09/23/18  (28)
Q: "Daddy why did u assault her?" A: "Because of beauty of male passion sweetie"    09/23/18  (3)
Ford's attorney makes offer for Ford to testify before Senate (link)    09/23/18  (44)
A well-made veggie samosa is probably the best snack on earth    09/23/18  (11)
Reminder: 10 more years before your parents' alzheimer's tears your family apart    09/23/18  (18)
ITT: I explain Drunkard's stupid story in one coherent paragraph    09/23/18  (53)
recently become addicted to spinach/strawberry/pecan/goat cheese salads.    09/23/18  (6)
The War on Drugs - Strangest Thing    09/23/18  (7)
LMAO Paulie Porsche is 5'0" and a LITERAL circle-head    09/23/18  (36)
What would you do in this weird situation (roommate drama)    09/23/18  (9)
"A reading from the Book of Credible Allegations"    09/23/18  (9)
"ME? LEAVE NEW YAWK?? FUGGEDABOUTIT!"    09/23/18  (2)
ITT: I tell you your IQ    09/23/18  (82)
WSJ: Trump Administration Targets Immigrants on Public Assistance    09/23/18  (5)
what do you suppose Blasey is doing right now    09/23/18  (5)
NYC has very few hapas...kind of weird    09/23/18  (3)

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